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Earwax Removal Pro

Earwax Removal Pro

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Get instant relief from snoring and sleep apnea on the first night of use.

check Eliminate snoring instantly check Prevent sleep apnea check Wake up feeling refreshed check Guard your teeth from bruxism

30-Night Guarantee

We are extremely confident that you’re going to love our products, but on the odd occasion you don't need our product, you can simply return or exchange it within 30 nights of receipt.

You can read more about our guarantee on our Refund Policy page.

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  • cardiovascular issues
  • stroke
  • diabetes
  • reduced libido
  • obesity
  • anxiety or depression
  • and more..

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If you have any issues or wish to proceed with a return, send an email to and our professional team will take care of you within 24 working hours.


Questions? We've got you covered

How fast can I expect results?

According to our customer study, over 93% of them see improvements in sleep quality the first night they use noccum™ Anti-Snore Mouthguard.

This is as close to "instantly" as it can get.

How do I mold it?

Simple! The easy at-home ‘boil and bite’ molding process means you'll have a customized fit that is comfy and effective in preventing snoring.

  1. Immerse the noccum™ mouthguard in boiling water for 15 seconds until it softens.
  2. Remove it with a spoon and try to pour off as much hot water as possible. Let it cool for 15 seconds.
  3. Place the mouth guard in your mouth.
  4. Bite down gently for 15 seconds to get the impression of your teeth.
  5. Remove mouthguard and cool in cold water for 30 seconds.

Replace into mouth and test for a good, firm fit.

Repeat steps 1 through 6 if fit is not accurate.

Can I breathe through my nose again?

Yes! You'll be able to breathe through both your nose and mouth.

Most people naturally start breathing through nose again. Just as our body is designed to.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the Anti-Snore is completely safe!

Using 100% medical grade materials, the device is proven safe and effective by the FDA.

What if it doesn't work for me?

If you have any issues or wish to proceed with a return, send an email to and we will respond within 24 working hours.

For more information please refer to our Refund Policy.

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